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Astrid is a 26-year-old life enthusiast. Newbie in Toronto, she is the author of the bilingual blog Fringinto, in which she shares her adventures in the city while keeping her French touch.
Talent Around The Block - Astrid - Blogger - FringinTO

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Astrid and I grew up in the South of France. I landed in Toronto last July. I am a lifestyle blogger and a social media addict. I post about food, travel, healthy life and fashion.

• Why does TATB matter to you?

 As I can remember I always loved writing, words fly away, writings remain and I love the idea than the words can be share and help others. And over all I’m proud to enjoy my freedom of speech!

• What projects are you up to?

I am currently working on a blogger community in Toronto, I want to make the connection between blogger easier and organize events together. So if you are a blogger contact me I will be happy to hear about you!

• What is your main career goal? 

 I want to work with passion. I am passionate about events, social media and public relation. I am good at it and I love it.

• What made you throw yourself in the artistic world?

I always had an original side but I guess I needed time to figure out how I could use it. And then, I moved here, I launched FringinTO but still after 7 months it’s hard to explain that your passion is your blog. Now I am so glad I have it to express my creativity, to always find a original way to talk about something and to have my own space.

• What work, in another artistic field than yours, impresses you?

 The dancer, like the one from the ballet. They are the perfect union between strength and sensitivity.

• What is the project you are the most proud of?

 My blog! It’s my baby; I spend so much time working on it, I don’t even see the time going. It is like inviting people at your place, don't you want everything to be perfect? Same for me. Also I was able to meet other creative person and that is the idea: we all are in the blogosphere to connect with people.

  • Where can we find you?

I am a really loyal customer of Oxford Fruit, Augusta and Nassau, where I buy my vegetable during the weekend, while you are at it, enjoy a hot chocolate at the Jimmy’s Coffee, I love their decoration! If I am not buying food, I am probably shopping at Black Market, Osgood station, or the other vintage stores in Queen Street West. If I am in a professional mood or working on a project you will find at Starbucks, Bedford and Bloor, St George Station. Finally the place you will see me twice a week it’s the gym Fit4Less in Lawrence Square, Lawrence West station.

• If Toronto was a person, what kind would it be?

First let me say that this question is the best question I ever heard! Toronto, if you were a person, you will be a man. Tall, charismatic and impressive but really attentive and loving. You also are an amazing chef: you know how to cook food from all around the world. And that something you like: the world ! You love meeting different nationalities, you don’t judge, you are curious and open-minded. Toronto for sure if you were single I would ask you out on a date but I know you are already married to the world.

• Last word for the road?

I am proud to be part of this beautiful project and I’m glad to have the chance to meet people like Juliette who have so many ideas and are able to inspired people! She is extremely talented.



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