Second shoot of 2014 - Princess dresses and Canadian cold

Hello there !

As you have probably seen, I have been looking for my 2014 new faces. I love getting to know new girls to work with, so I set up a casting call on ModelMayhem, and this is how I met Kitty.

Kitty is a lovely girl, very professional and she has this very peculiar look. This "je-ne-sais-quoi" and her woman-child delicate face make her gorgeous.

She also kicked ass to find a stylist and thanks to her, Jen and I met Breeyn McCarney, a great fashion designer, who was nice enough to lend us some outfits for the shoot. Also, Rebecca Scott, design of Jay + Renae lended us some jewelry to make this session perfect.

Icing on the cake, I had the opportunity to shoot again in my boyfriend's family place. I love how their house is decorated and it fitted perfectly to kill the girly side and bring contrast to my images.

Our keywords for this session were : graphic, fashion, 
Jen worked on glossy dark purple lips for the first look and went crazy on a bronze eye-band for the second one.

I really wanted to enjoy the vintage side of the house and the ice that you guys are so familiar with if Canada. Jen and Kitty probably think that I am totally nuts, because I was so impressed to be able to walk on ice like that. No kidding. You crazy Canadian. No more words, check the pictures out !



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