If I had a nickel every time I said that...

Since last May, I am officially back into the excitement of Wedding Photography! I got myself into a great studio downtown Toronto and here I am, shooting weddings every weekend.

Funnily enough, I've noticed that I keep saying the same things at every wedding. If you are in the industry, you are probably doing the same. If you are a guest, you can do some lip syncing the next time you bump into a wedding photographer. 10 points if you can say it faster than him/her!

The melting pot: "Get nice and close. Closer! Closeeeeer! That's it!"

In order to get this nice group picture where everybody seems to have a blast, you need them close. Like real close. Get in here and lean forward people!

The seriously-get-closer : "You can put your feet underneath the dress."

I probably say this 362 times during couple and family pictures when I want the groom to be closer to his lovely bride. It is a magic trick, from me to you. You're welcome.

The I-need-you-to-smile : "Now, act like you love each other!"  following by its cousin "You can do better than that!"

This is my go-to to get a nice smile on people's faces. I heard that some photographers tried the "who farted?" but I believe this is the next level!

Elisa & Jordan - Jubilee Pavilion

The I-want-natural-pictures: "Focus on each other, I am not here"

I want you to look at your groom or your bride and take a moment to enjoy how beautiful she/he is. Hell, this is their day, they barely even had time to actually realize how good they look. This is my favorite moment because if you look closely, you can even read in their eyes "wow, we made it."

The where-is-uncle-bob: "This is the moment I start yelling at people"

When you have 20 minutes to take 30 family pictures, you are in your "go-mode". Family pictures are a must-have on your wedding day but it is also painfully annoying. Let's face it, guests would rather congratulate the new husband and wife and enjoy the cocktail hour rather than standing for half an hour looking for Uncle Bob to show up for the pictures. It is our role as photographers to make it as quick as possible and when the family is spread out, all you can do is call the missing person's name. Very loudly.

The Compliment: "You guys look SO good"

Because it is true.

At the end of the day, even if you spend hours repeating yourself, the good part is that every wedding is different. All that matters is that you make the bride and groom look like the best-looking people on Earth. Now, go find Uncle Bob, show must go on!

Kristle & Jeremy - Bark Lake Leader Ship Centre


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