Kerry Royle

Since I've been living in London, I've been working in a pub, in order to get a -really light- income. The thing is, because of my job, finding time to take picture is pretty tough, and I'm not even talking about networking, to find models, make-up artists and so on. 

But, last Sunday, I had the opportunity to set up a photoshoot, with a beautiful Canadian girl I met one day, in the first pub I was working in. We worked together for only a day, but after 5 minutes, I knew she could look great in a photoshoot. Her name is Kerry Royle, talented artist from Toronto, now living in London.

I had a really nice surprise with her. She had never been a model before, and it turned out to be an amazing moment. Comfortable, beautiful, smiling and enthusiastic, you can feel it on the pictures, which is exactly what I wanted. More pictures will come :)

Funny fact of this photoshoot, I wandered around to find a nice brick-wall, I really needed it to be super flat and "regular". Happy with one and as I'm really good to find my places (irony) we came back there that morning. Before realizing that it was a wall from a parking lot for... cops. Yeah. With Kerry dressed like that, we had 5 police cars which stopped by, asking us what the hell we were doing, on a Sunday morning, near a parking lot. The most important is that it didn't stop us ! (Okay, we were confused for half an hour, asking ourselves if we were doing something illegal to be truly honest. But don't tell anyone.)

So thank you Kerry. So much.

(Special thanks to Chelley, for this gorgeous dress, and Fanny, my dear friend for her lens. The 70-200 will definitely be my next purchase.)


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