As I told you, I'm currently in London, and as everybody knows, this city (even if it's amazingly beautiful) is REALLY expensive. The transportation only is costing you a kidney. So, yes, obviously, I had to find a job.
As I'm living soon for Canada, it wasn't relevant for me to try to bust my butt to find a job in Photographt, if it was to leave it after 4 months. So like a lot of young people, I start working in an English pub. But I'm not writing right now to tell you about that, but just to tell you that I was lucky enough to work in a brand new pub, in Borough Market for the Londoners, called the Wheatsheaf (the one on Stoney street. Not the other one.). So, who says "brand new pub", says "they need pictures", and I jumped on the occasion aaaaand... my picture in on the website, which is -I'm not gonna lie- pretty cool.


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