First Canadian wedding - Ryan & Val

Wedding photography. Probably one of the hardest discipline in my beloved area. The one you are not supposed to mess up with, because you won't have a second chance (I can totally picture the "STOP! Kiss again, I missed it"). 

I love weddings. Wanna know why? Because Love is all around. Pure happiness. People are just here to celebrate two love birds' union and share moments of joy. Being chosen to capture this big day is always such an honor.

Ryan & Valerie are two good friends of mine. They perfectly represent the steady, supportive and loving couple. And yes, I did tear up a little when they exchanged their vows.

It was my first Canadian wedding. I never had the opportunity to shoot a ceremony outside (and trust me, it is SO much better than a dark church) and the thing that was always giving me a hard time during the ceremony didn't happen. (i.e: people behind me, standing IN the aisle while the bride is walking, to take pictures with THEIR phones. Obviously, I am walking backwards, eye in my lense, not aware of what happens behind me. You foresee the great finale? Bumping into uncle Joe, missing the perfect smile when the father leaves the bride. If you are lucky, you actually hurt uncle Joe. Nightmare.) Well, I didn't have to deal with this and it was such a relief.

We laughed, we cried, we got scared because of the rain, they took a risk, and it was a beautiful wedding.

Thank you Ryan & Val for letting me be a part of your big day. I wish you a life of happiness. Looking at you, it shouldn't be that hard. 


  1. It was a truly amazing day for an amazing couple. You captured it perfectly with your talent, Juliette. You did a wonderful job

    Gail Mills

  2. I was not there, but felt that I could see emotion in many of your shots.



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