Looking back can burn your eyes, but it's worth it.

I have started taking pictures playing around with a cheap camera when I was 15, so trust me, I did some pretty ugly things.

I was getting things in order in one of my hard drives (seriously people, always backup your work), and I ended up spending hours looking at my first pictures, with a stupid smile on my face.
I could see my teenaged-self hanging a wrinkly white sheet as a background, or trying to understand how to make my camera work properly or even cutting out my first path on photoshop to create a photomontage I was so proud of.

It is worth it to look at your old work.

When you have been doing an activity for a while, and don’t compare work, you don't notice how much you have improved. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like you're improving. And when you feel like giving up, it is nice to see that you have come a long way to get where you are now.

On the other hand, offering yourself a flashback session can also show you which direction you were heading to. Life gets in the way and you probably have changed your goals. It is good in my opinion to ask yourself if your new direction is as good as the old one. 
For my part, I have a feeling I used to be a lot more creative, in crazy ways, before. If I hadn't written this blog post, I am not sure I would have noticed it. My next goal is going to learn how to combine this creativity with the skills I have now.

As I am a nice person and I am mastering the art of making fun of (and pretty good at using irony too), here are the ugly pictures that are worth a million to me and probably are peanuts for you.

One hand on my heart, the other one on the bible box of Oreos,  I swear to show the ugliest photos I have shamelessly taken.

My first cut out!

I was an extremely tortured teenager

Don't blame me, angel wings were trendy.

*cough* over-exposed

I discovered textures.

Nope. Can't explain that one.

That's optimistic

This one was actually a hit back in the day.


If you are still alive after this, you can cheer with me to my teenage creativity. I am highfiving my 15 year-old self, because, man, it was ugly, but it was fun.


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