Jolie Môme

Early October, a good model of mine suggested the idea of shooting for the theme "Glitter and Glam". If you know me and my work, you can guess that she had me at "Glitter".

A few thoughts and cookies later, I had my story in mind.

We all want to be this beautiful, confident and sophisticated woman, hailing a cab in high heels after a crazy night in the city. She doesn’t even need to hail, she just gracefully snaps her fingers and everything she wants magically appears.

The kind of woman who can eat a burger at 3 a.m. in an evening gown and keep it classy. The kind of woman who walks home, heels in hand, enjoying the lights of a busy city suddenly quiet.

You will see her in my pictures, wandering in Toronto. Smart, stylish, sexy.

Dream team:


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