5 things every photographer heard at least once


Photography is a tricky area. For a lot of people, it's not even considered as a career. Even if this mentality is changing a little, prejudices are everywhere. Here are the 6 things I heard the most since I have been a photographer

#6 "But, really, what do you do?"
This one comes right after "what do you do for a living ?" "I'm a photographer".

#5 "Hey, since you're a photographer, you can show me how to use my camera"
We are not your user guide. Or Google.

#4 "You're looking for professional models? Check out my niece/son/uncle! She/he has never done a shoot, but she/he would love that"
Time is money. Looking for a collaboration doesn't mean I have to do you a favor. If your nice/son/uncle wants pictures, I have rates for this.

#3 "It will be good for your portfolio"
Don't get me wrong, for some cases, it can actually be good for your portfolio. 3/4 of the time, it is not.

#2 "I could be a photographer too, I just bought an expensive camera." or "Why would I pay for pictures when my iphone and instagram can do pretty good ones"

#1 "I need a photographer for a private event, but we don't have any budget"
This one is giving me chills every time. From the moment you organise an event, there is money involved. It is just how it is. How about you slightly decrease the amount of booze you planned and create a budget for the person that is going to commute, carry the material, take pictures of everybody for hours, and spend more hours retouching, delivering, printing and so on? We don't do that for glory.

People, I am glad there are human beings on this planet that can actually acknowledge that Photography is a real professional domain and that it is not that easy to take good pictures. 
For those people, thank you.


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