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You may have seen Kyle in Arcadia last December. If you haven’t, make sure you remember his face and make some t-shirts because he is definitely emerging in the acting world.

• Who are you and what do you do?

I am Kyle Orzech, an actor, an artist, a radical thinker, reader, lover and explorer, searching for truth and fighting for peace. I work all over Canada, performing in various types of theatre and currently live in Montreal.

• Why does this project matter to you?

This project matters to me because a) Juliette is, herself, a fierce artist with a bold personality and vision, so supporting her is a no brainer and b) it's a great way to connect likeminded artists of Toronto and expose them to each other and others.

• What projects are you up to?

Currently working on a TYA show called "Beneath the Banyan Tree" with Theatre Direct and then heading to the Shaw Festival for the world-premier of "The Divine" by Michel Marc Bouchard.

• What is your main career goal?

To stay happy and love what I do every single day. Simple, but what more is there?

• What made you throw yourself in the artistic world?

 It was literally all I knew. I wasn't great in school - never got exceptional marks - but I did know how to tell a good story and make people laugh. Plus I love entertaining people and expressing myself, showing different sides of myself to others.

• What work in your artistic field impresses you?

 I love theatre or film that surprises me. I love seeing something and thinking "I didn't see that coming." or "I can't believe they just did that." Usually this comes from actors and director's who are either very smart and/or very fearless.

• What is the project you are the most proud of?

It's a clear tie between my work with Sheatre, where I toured Saskatchewan performing in a Forum Theatre piece, educating children of all ages about sexual assault, substance and spousal abuse (even visited some reservations and saw some truly miraculous things), and my work with YES Theatre in Sudbury, where myself and about 25 other young artists come together annually to stage some of the most mind-blowing musical theatre I have ever seen.

• Where can we find you?

 Chances are, I will most likely find you first... but if you ARE looking for me, I will be anywhere in Canada, acting up and causing trouble. Or just sitting in-front of a delicious plate of penne primavera at 7 West, Toronto. Or at the movies. Or in the woods, Geocaching.

• If Toronto was a person what kind would it be? 

Um... A very confused, judgemental, misguided, fat middle-aged Uncle with a cold because he wore his designer jacket out, even though it was -20. He's possibly drunk, and a little bit broke too.

• Last word for the road?


Editor's note: Kyle Orzech is now a two time Dora Winner with Theatre Direct's production of Beneath the Banyan Tree! Congratulations!

What a wonderful evening at the #DORAS2015 last night! We are so proud of the entire team who contributed to the success...
Posted by Theatre Direct on Tuesday, 23 June 2015


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