Oh hello Spring

Last week, I realised that I hadn't worked on a lookbook photoshoot for a while. Like just the thought of it made me cringe especially because I made an agreement with myself to work on at least one fashion photoshoot per month. Even if my camera wasn't dusty thanks to Talent Around The Block, it was time to make it see something else. 

I guess somebody heard me out there, because I met Athina the same week. Athina is a beautiful beauty blogger (she is GREEK for crying out loud. Like goddess greek!), author of the French blog Keep It Bloom in which she reviews products and talk about girly stuff. I ended up calling her two days before actually meeting her for the first time, with a "help, I need to shoot!". Needless to say that we spent our first meeting at Jimmy's Coffee (remember, Astrid mentioned it!) for 3 hours, planning outfits and makeups. Because yep, she also do her makeup perfectly. Jackpot.

Thanks to our lovely Canadian winter, I was in a desperate need to create something spring like and rock it with colours and flowers everywhere. It was a good way for me to work a little more on the design part than I usually do, even though I love it very much. We chose 3 looks and went to the beautiful Wychboorn Barns for the day. (for the anecdote, we were pretty indecisive until half an hour before leaving for the shoot, as the weather did not look in our favor. It turned what pretty great, we had the whole place for us! Now I stop talking. )

We had the whole barn for us!

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  1. Amazing shoot, you did again a really good job ! And Athina you are beautiful !



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