Urban Ballet - Shooting in Public Places

I love dancers. They fascinate me. I love how natural and easy they make complicated moves look. I am really happy to share my latest photoshoot with the beautiful Téa.

When I met Téa 2 years ago - she was actually the model for my first shoot in Canada ever - she told me she had been dancing for many years (13!) . I did not forget. It took me two years to actually work on my urban ballet photoshoot (late is better than never sometimes) and we scheduled it to celebrate the beautiful days coming to Toronto. Armelle used her talent to create 3 strong looks and we went around the city to enjoy Téa's gracefulness.

#Repost @armelledeko Again a good shooting day with @juisaphotographer and @teapaluzzi our beautiful model from Toronto! by @juisaphotographer

This is where I took advantage to create a 2-for-1 post, because obviously, we are not Will Smith and we couldn't shut down Yonge and Dundas for this shoot. Shooting in public is tricky. As a photographer, you need to pay attention to every single details as much as you can, and shooting outdoors with people wandering around makes it harder.

You will have to work way more in post production than usual. 

That is the first important point. Just to get rid of people. There is nothing tackier than having a tourist or a runner in your background. We went to the bridge on the lakeshore west as our first location, and with this beautiful weather, it was PACKED. I spent so much time retouching this picture:

not kidding, it took me a good 3 hours.

You will also have to expect the unexpected. 

 Almost nothing went according to plan. We were not supposed to go this bridge, but straight downtown. Creativity took over, and we ended up totally forgetting about my last location, which closed before we had time to get there. Always have a plan B.

But we did this instead, which is still pretty good

The weather can be your worst frenemy.

The day was supposed to be warm and cloudy, i.e the best weather for photographers when the clouds are acting like a natural diffuser. Well, we got bright sun. With sharp shadows. Far from the soft atmosphere I wanted. Take a deep breathe, you can make this work. I wanted something pretty urban anyway, sharp shadows could increase the geometry aspect of the whole theme. 
With clouds, I could have missed the ground shadow
Honestly, we all left the shoot tired as hell and I was a little frustrated. But then, after seeing the pictures on my laptop, I realised that I might have created one of my best shoot. Wanna see my money shot?  Click below!



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