Kyris Music - Photoshoot

Earlier this month I met Kyris, French musician rocking around the city of Toronto. If you can see him on stage performing, he is probably busy being the co-founder of Franc'Open Mic the first francophone open stage in Toronto for all performing arts.

We had the chance to shoot in a very charming location which fit perfectly Kyris' musical atmosphere:  the Free Time Cafe. The place is full of beautiful corners, with wooden stairs and pictures all over the walls.

This shoot was EPIC. After walking in the rain with my lights in a suitcase (don't judge your car-less fellas), we had one hour to shoot 3 outfits in 3 differents part of the bar/restaurant, juggling with accessories. Needless to say I beat my own record for my lights wrap-up!

After working on weddings for the past couple of months, it was nice to get back on the saddle for a studio photoshoot. Even if I am really enjoying weddings, there is a thrill in precisely controlling the lights and play around with filters.

Thank you Kyris for your time and hope to see you soon for another adventure!


Join Kyris on social media, until the big launch of his website!



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