2nd Photoshoot

I'm so glad to show you some behind the scene stuff about my second shoot. I couldn't wait to take my camera again, despite the fact that I love my current job as an assistant, I missed my camera so much.

Anyway, thanks to one of my friend -how great is a social network- I had the chance to collaborate with a make-up artist/hair-dresser for this shoot. Concerning the model, let me introduce you again to Mathilde, who accepted to play the game one more time. Modelling is a whole career, but I must say that Mathilde did pretty well. 
I decided to have a photoshoot outside -unfortunately, all my equipment is still in Paris- I had to deal with Mother Earth's light and... with the rain. Yeah. It was raining all the time. Sandie the make-up artist had to hold an umbrella above Mathilde to protect her hair and make-up, I wish I had someone who could have taken some pictures of us, 'cause it was quite funny. Well, not so funny for Mathilde, who was in one of my little dress   with 7° (Damn weather !)

I wanted to create a different atmosphere from the other photoshoots I did in Paris. I'm keeping the softness in my pictures, but I had prefered adding a cold tone to this story. 

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