Je suis Charlie

I am not an event photographer but I learnt how to be one when I was an intern for 2 years at the Police Headquarters of Paris.

Since yesterday, there has been an ugly shadow all over France. People were killed. You probably heard about the « Je Suis Charlie » movement social media.

Charlie Hebdo is a satirical newspaper. It always has been. And as one of the oldest values of our Republic is our freedom of speech, nobody should ever die for drawing or writing ideas.

But two days ago, 2 fanatics entered the newspaper building, killing as many people as possible. 12 people died. Among them 4 famous cartoonists and 2 policemen.
Yesterday a policewoman lost her life as well. Since this morning, two hostage crisis are happening. The world is not right.

David Pope
All I can think about is the fact that, yesterday and today, some people got up, went to work and never came back.

We should always be thankful for being surrounded by people brave enough to say what they think and do what they believe in. This is clearly not a day to spread hatred towards people who don’t deserve it. Let’s stick together and show our support.

That is what we did on January 7, in Toronto. The French community gathered with their friends and families, in front of the embassy on Bloor Street. We had candles, flags and posters to pay our respects to people who lost their lives. 


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