The Importance of Projects - 2015


  With what happened in France last week, I didn't have the opportunity to wish you all my best for 2015.
May it be full of joy, love and great projects.

Because projects are so important. They keep you going. When you don't really know where you are heading, nothing is better than focusing on a new project to keep the machine well-oiled. This is probably what I missed last year. And this is probably why I do not feel satisfied about my end of 2014.

When I had a look at my 2014 retrospective, I told myself "God, I took a lot less pictures than in 2013". I don't really know what happened, and I wish I did because it sucks.

As I am a list freak and I love new projects, I decided to take some resolutions. Don't expect the usual "I will go to the gym everyday and stop eating cookies" because I am talking about artistic resolutions.

So, 2015, get ready, because here I come:

  1. I want to do at least one photoshoot per month. Build it from scratch. Work with new models. I already have 2 ideas in mind, ideas I have been thinking about for a while. I need new women faces, interested?
  2. I want to start the art project I have been working on for a month by shutting up the voices in my head which keep saying that it is lame. You are your own worst enemy, and it is the hardest to get rid of.
  3. I want to take pictures of music bands. I have never done it, and I am dying to do something different. (interested again?)
  4. I want to work even more on this blog with #2 and add more lifestyle and technical articles. It has been way better since I have been writing at least every week.
  5.  I don't want to feel like giving up. 2014 had some really dark moments inspiration wise. For the first time of my life, I am not happy with what I had been doing. This has got to stop.
  6. I want to do more weddings. Now that I am allowed to (thank you Immigration Canada, woot, woot!), I want to get back to the wedding rythm I had in France. 
  7. Another important point we can forget: I want to keep learning. Books, conferences, meetups, anything to stay up to date and get more skills.
And the cheesy #8 I want to keep working with amazing people. I have met some many great clients, artists, people that support my work. Let's keep them coming!

Now, it's your turn.


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