Jennie and her tea party

Here is my first fashion photoshoot of 2015! I don't know about you, but I am happy to see that I am sticking to my photographic resolution to build one big shoot per month. And trust me, this one was kind of a hassle to organize, knowing that all I had was the lovely Jennie to model. 

Fortunately, I ended up finding Nidhi and her brushes followed by other beloved team members I worked with in the past: Breeyn McCarney and Two Lamb Boutique for the dress and jewelery. Everything finally came together when I found out that I will be lucky enough to have access to a beautiful house to shoot in. I was looking for an elegant living room, and ended up with gorgeous stairs and chandelier on top of that.

My only (and painful) regret is that I didn't have studio lights to lit up the scene but two cobra flashes (one SB 700 and one SB 900). God knows it would have been a blast and also a LOT easier to use proper softboxes and beauty dishes, especially because the rooms were a little darker than I thought.

But hey, let's face it, I have rarely never been in a photoshoot where takes place according to plan. And it is actually not that bad because it teaches you how to cope with difficult situations and that is how you build a strong career in my opinion. Plus, it gives you good stories to share with others. Win win.




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